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I have few questions:

1.It is better armed than (If so where can I get):
-Handmade jacket
-Handmade spear
-Leather belt
-Nailed plank
-Handmade trousers
-Handmade boots

2.My point is statistics: 5/6/3 and 5/6/6 = 31 If I reach 35 it will be possible to end the quest "Leaving the Nest"?
3.I've done all the other quests, I think the best possible equipment and can travel only a rabbit and roe. Is this normal?

thanks in advance
13:56:51 3.01.2013
Schwarzenkreuz hasnt been finished yet, so you should wait until game designers will take steps in this matter.

Look for me in the game, I'll help you with equipment

edit: @down I'm waiting on a prime
Edited 19:04:16 4.01.2013 by Archie.
21:13:38 3.01.2013
Thank you for your reply.

When can I meet you in the game?
23:23:57 3.01.2013
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