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Lead Game Designer
We have opened start village for the new city – The Schwarzenkreuz. There's only start village available for play for now. We will open whole city, soon – then you will be able to access it using the train from New Lviv. The city of Schwarzenkreuz is in winter climate and it's completely different than New Lviv. If you want to see the village yourself you need to create new character and talk to Schwarzenkreuz teleporter in Tool room (the room you begin game in). He will teleport you to new starter zone (that is, of course, temporary solution). Please enjoy and let us know if you find any bugs!

INFO: This is not final version, some things are not finished yet (like appearance of items, shops, avatars or battle backgrounds).
INFO: Bug with "Warning: Shop not exists!" will be fixed asap. /Fixed!
22:45:12 7.01.2012
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