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Lead Game Designer
How is Halloween celebrated in the horrific world of Neurostaza? Check it out yourself at the cemetery in New Lviv! Explore the brand-new exp-place and face new powerful enemies.

What is more, we prepared a bunch of Halloween-themed quests and a trader who can turn your ordinary pumpkins into something special! Think of healing pumpkins, perfect for graveyard fights!
Everything takes place near the southern entrance to the cemetery (coords: 0, 1d51.f, 18bd.2). Don't forget to meet with Gift Giver who equips your character with basic gear necessary to survive in the forlorn world.
We are looking forward to any feedback on the game balance, difficulty, and its other features. If you have any thoughts to share, feel free to do it. Every single suggestion is highly appreciated.

Good luck and have fun!
0:03:15 1.11.2011
I hope that we can keep gifts?

Gorgeous event!
I wonder what Santa will bring us...? ^^
10:27:33 1.11.2011
Game Designer
Sure, you can keep the gifts

What will he bring us? Nobody but Santa knows! But I'm sure you will like it!
10:47:54 1.11.2011
I like good news
11:04:40 1.11.2011
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