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Lead Game Designer
If you have ever wondered what the Neurostaza folks are driving, or whether they are driving anything at all, you do not need to wonder any more. All these cars keep to the TECHNOIR aesthetics and all of them can be found in the city of THE CROWN, that is, the residence of the Metahuman Society faction.


Please, let us know what do you think of these car designs. Your feedback is more than welcome. Expect another compilation in some time down the road.
13:48:13 27.07.2011
These are luxury cars, because there is no fuel in the world, and as I understand are powered by gasoline?

Descriptions fine, they look good....

Well done

P.s. When they leave the production line?
16:41:40 27.07.2011
Lead Game Designer
The Crown is the city with some fuel resources, because of refinery and biofuel refinery. Cars have already left the production lines. But if you want to see them in-game you must wait until we open the city for all of users.
18:18:34 27.07.2011
Forum Moderator
They might have V8s installed but no one says their stock condition is consistently retained. Most The Crown citizens are clever enough to discover alternate power sources, in fact, in the world we're talking about they simply have to. Plus, well, their oil fields are not bare, they have pump jacks all around, so, yes, as Eigen points out, they may ride these devils. Because they can.


The explanation is of course to be taken with a grain of salt. Glad you like.

Which one is your favorite? Why?
18:29:48 27.07.2011
Yours explanation explains a lot now

My favorite one is of course HELLHOUND Why? Because it's strong and fast(like I think), because it's from east european, because it's look like "Batmobil"
17:18:33 28.07.2011
Forum Moderator
I don't want to let the cat out of the bag but these three are not the only isometric car sprites you'll find shattered across the streets of The Crown.
17:22:58 20.08.2011
i love all of them, but i have some concerns in terms of 'reality'. ok, The Crown have refineries and fuel, but still its no-fuel-world, and 3.0L petrol fuel engine has simply no right to existence in this reality for me. maybe couple of Kind of Big Deal city leaders or Drug Lords could affort that, but a scouting mercenaries? i dont think so.. maybe some kind of solar energy powered small (deawoo tico alike! ) power saving cars? something, i dont know, more accesible for average adventurer?
despite all of that, grapfics and descriptions are cool and stylish.
13:06:55 7.06.2013
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