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Lead Game Designer
As of today, we have decided to introduce completely new character templates together with the feature to equip and change clothes on them. From this point onwards, garments obtained as quest rewards, loots, stores and any other possible sources can be put on your character! Every change of clothing will have a visual effect on your character -- visible for you and the other players. To collect first two sets of clothes you have to complete the "Dress up!" quest given near Shelter, New Lviv (New Lviv - City Center - 1d5e.5,18ab.8/120289,101049). Watch closely how NPC looks before and after finishing the quest (another newly added feature).

23:13:47 1.06.2011
Pretty nice but why boots are must be weared on this third slot on the left not on human feet?
16:30:00 2.06.2011
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