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Lead Game Designer
From today onwards the gates of New Lviv are opened to the players. After a bunch of months of hard work we can proudly introduce it to you. In order to move within the walls of the inner city you have to complete the "PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT" quest along with its continuation.

Please be reminded that as of today the game is still in the alpha phase. Some of its functionalities may not work properly. Should you find any bugs or inconveniences, please report them in the suitable forum category.
We encourage you to check the details regarding the opening. Please refer to this link.

Have a nice stay!
18:56:53 1.05.2011
It is a lot to explore now. I don't know when I get everywhere
The best part is climbing onto the roof of buildings, of course, if there is a ladder.
Now we must just waiting for more quests.
23:16:36 1.05.2011
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