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Lead Game Designer
New Lviv is the capital of the Orange Star fraction. New. Lviv. Was it modeled after the original Lviv, Ukraine? What it has to do with it? Well, feel encouraged to check the downtown area to find some familiar surroundings, many of them faithful to the real Lviv’s historic buildings!

The “founding fathers”:

Graphic design: DragonEmperor, Marud, Perski, Spadevsky
Map design: Akwilla, Marud, Plushy, RWX, Scherii, Tithak
Quest and dialogue design: Boldzer, Eigen, Nytalith, Petrus
Concept design and work coordination: Eigen
Other people who we owe special thanks to: Eternal (quest/dialogue design), Karos, Monk (map design), Van Szolmo (lore)

Congratulations everyone, that was a great piece of work! Thank you!

How to..

In order to be admitted to the city two quests have to be completed. Firstly, “Practice makes perfect!”. It can be started near the latrine in the eastern part of the Bystro Workcamp (coordinates: 1da1.4,18c7.8). Then its continuation. After finishing the game tests there you will be passing the point of no return and there will be no further possibility of getting back to the camp. As for now, temporarily, we grant you that possibility and a teleport-NPC can be used for this end.

Getting out of the camp sequence is in the beta phase too. The final version will comprise of two different approaches which will depend on the tutorial path you choose. Additionally, I placed a teleport-NPC (named, simply, “Teleport”) in different sections of the camp. It will take you to the aforementioned latrine without the need to walk the way on foot. This solution is temporary as well.

NOTICE! To use a passage (door or whatever marked with the “exit” pictogram), stand on it, click your character and choose “Pass through”.

If you have any questions to ask, please ask them in this topic. Here you will be also noticed about the city upgrades and other news concerning New Lviv.

Have fun!
Edited 18:56:42 1.05.2011 by Eigen.
18:55:54 1.05.2011
Are there any other quests in New Lviv except this one with vodka?
11:34:31 4.05.2011
Lead Game Designer
Actually not. Quests are under construction. We have several quests finished, they will appear in the game soon. We will inform you here. Stay tuned!
11:55:27 4.05.2011
Okay. Thanks
12:16:08 4.05.2011
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