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Character's stats with default values and some comments.

BASE STATS (gained by experience)
Physical stats:
* Strength - COM, DEF (STR) =3
* Constitution - HP, CC (CON) =3
* Dexterity - RA, B, P (DEX) =3
Mental stats:
* Reflex - P, D (REF) =3
* Intelligence - PSA, PDF (INT) =3
* Knowledge - PSI, NS (KNO) =3

SECONDARY STATS (affected by base stats, items and skills)
COM - Close combat =STR/2
RA - Ranged attack =DEX/2 (need weapon)
PSA - PSI attack =INT/2 (need weapon)
(Points of attack + weapon attack = the full value of attack)
DEF - physical defense =STR/10
PDF - PSI defense = INT/10
D - dodge =REF/10 % /decreased by 50% of attackers dodge
B - block =DEX/10 % /if we have got some shield
P - parry =REF/20+DEX/20 % /only close combat, decreased by 50% of attackers parry
HP - health points =CON*4
PSI - PSI points (mana) =KNO*4
CC - carrying capacity =25kg+CON
NS - Negotiation skills =KNO/2
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Lead Game Designer
Barter trade system

Barter trade system is our trading system. How does the barter system work? In short, every single item has its value. Merchants will make a deal when items you offer have value equal/or higher to/than the value of the items you want in exchange. Remember, some items may come more valuable for you than they come for an NPC (and vice versa). Using an example, a car may be a precious thing to you but not to an NPC who is dying out of famine. You would have never considered this option but he would easily trade his car for a meal.

Barter meter in the trade window shows basic information about the deal. If the pointer is in the middle, the deal can be done. The pointer pointing to the left side means that the vendor does not find your items valuable enough. If the pointer is past the middle position and points to the right, this means your offer is worth much more that the items you want in return.
If the message box stating that "the barter is not profitable for me" appears, you must offer more to the trader. If, in turn, you see the "barter done OK" line, then the deal was successful.

TIP: In the future, the offer will be influenced by the player's charisma and trading skills.

Remember: this is the alpha version and not everything works properly. Sometimes you must refresh your browser to see full trade effects (e.g. if it happens that you have receive only a part of the equipment you had traded, just strike "refresh" or ctrl+r). This issue will be fixed soon so no worries!
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Lead Game Designer

1. Quest instances.

There can be only one player in a quest instance (for each player the separate location is created). This is used for quest tasks, where a player will have to defeat some monsters in order to get to some point (labyrinth ’s exit, etc.). Defeated opponents will not respawn at all.

One may enter the instance with NPC’s help or simply by a door.

- Quest instance time to live (TTL) is equal to 24h.

2. Group instances.

Designed for group of players to join their forces in order to defeat very strong opponents. Separate location with monsters is created for each group of players, so each player in the game world has a chance to loot valuable items.

Joining to instance rules:
- You can't enter instance by gateway. There's a need to talk to NPC or use special object.
- To enter any instance you need to satisfy all of these three conditions:
* Players have to create a party.
* All of you need to gather around NPC or object, which lets you in.
* Headcount has to fulfill instance's limits.
- If any of requirements are not satisfied, you will receive a message about that.
- When party is created by players which already have fought at the location, whole group will encounter only those monster, which were not killed by anyone before.
- After player's death, he can still join his mates in instance, when he's in party.
- To invite outside players into already started encounter, the party leader has to go out of instance and invite new players into party, then enter instance as before. If new player has killed other monsters, they will disappear in the instance (the other members will be able to see that).

- Every Wednesday whole instance is restarted and all killed monsters are back to life.

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Auction house and guilds - FAQ

Why can't I access the auction house?

- To use the auction house, you have to first pay the tax in the city where you wish to access the auction house at. Find the Tax Collector, pay your tax, and then you will be able to use the auction house at your leisure.

I have put up an item for auction at the auction house. Why is it not visible at the auction house screen?

- You are probably looking at the auction house in a city other than the one you put your item up at. Each city's auction house is a separate entity and each has a completely separate list of auctions.

How do I put up an item for auction at the auction house?

- With the auction house window up, click on the item in your backpack to put it up for auction.

Once I buy an item, where do I pick it up at?

- After purchasing an item, you will have to wait for some time until it is delivered to you. Once it arrives, pick it up at the mailbox.

Where is the Guild Chat?

- For the time being, Guild Chats are not available - they shall be implemented soon.

How do I pick my mail up?

- You have to find a mailbox - currently they are placed around each city's central hub.

I sent a letter but the recipient did not receive it.

- Mail is not delivered instantenously, it takes some time for it to reach the addressee. For intercity mail, it takes even longer.

I paid my taxes but cannot use...

- Each city has its own tax that has to be paid separately from the others to access the features in that city only. You can of course pay the tax in each of the three cities to receive full access regardless of what city you are currently at.

How do I attach an item to a letter?

- When you are editing the letter, click on the item in your backpack to attach it.
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