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Beta version tutorial


We are proud to present the first working version of Neurostaza, now opened for gamers. In this version you can do the following things:

1) Chat
2) Walk
3) Talk with NPCs
4) Take and solve quests
5) Operate mini-map
6) Manage your equipment

Extended functionality is in the making!

How to?

1) To chat, press ENTER and type what you want to say then press ENTER again. We are currently testing the censor - use English only and do not overuse profane language. Report all bugs with the chat and censor alike in the appropriate section on the boards.

2) Click on the ground to walk. You can also use WSAD keys for movement. You can change the controls in CONFIGURATION (wrench icon at the bottom of the screen). You can’t save new configuration yet. Report all bugs with the collision system in the appropriate section on the forum.

3) To talk with an NPC, click on the NPC - the dialog box will open. You can interact with your interlocutor by clicking options of your choosing in the dialog box. To end a conversation, click END TALK or EXIT DIALOGUE. Report spelling errors and bugs concerning the dialog box functionality in the proper forum section.

4) Quests are given by NPCs marked with an exclamation mark floating above their heads. You can see your current task and its progress (together with the assigned NPC) in the QUESTLOG (comic book face in the centre of the bottom belt). To terminate a quest or increase quest progress, click on the NPC marked with a question mark. Should you have any trouble finishing quests, report any inconvenience you come across.

5) Mini-map is located at the top right portion of the screen. Click to maximize. NPCs are marked with blue squares, NPC with quest available for you will appear as white squares, NPC assigned to a quest that is already started – orange squares. Your character is, in turn, marked with a red square.

6) To manage your EQUIPMENT, click on the backpack icon found in the bottom belt. Drag and drop an item to move it. Player’s equipment is not working yet.

Please report all bugs. Special forum thread:

We’re still in the middle of the work. Updates will be issued everyday!

Welcome to the horrific world of Neurostaza!

Game Developers

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Neurostaza battle system primer

While walking around the area of New Lviv - city center you might come across a mysterious pictogram. If you do, please walk a while around this for action to take effect. Click auto or wait when the fight window appears.


Fight zones:

- near the Shelter
- near the Main Post (New Lviv - city center: 1d54.1,18aa.7)
- two spots on the Main street situated below the train station

Have fun!
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