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Basically, there are 2 types of posts here on the boards, these are: normal and priviledged.

Priviledged posts have an option to attach images to the posts; they are set on default for the game creators.

Moderators can create/set up the topics in which every post is priviledged. The thing is, of course, that we want to avoid image flooding.


You can rate posts if your reputation score is positive (i.e. higher than 0). However, giving a negative mark is possible only if your reputation score exceeds 25 points.

Depending on how much reputation score you have collected, the person to whom you give a positive mark will receive:

by default:+5
100+ rep: +6
500+ rep: +7
1000+ rep: +8
2500+ rep: +9
5000+ rep: +10

If you are issuing a negative mark you will be required to, in a way, "give out" your reputation - your reputation score will be decreased by 1, and the reputation score of the person rated - decreased by 3. Additionally, while giving a negative mark you will be prompted to give the reason.

You can rate posts not older than 90 days. You cannot rate your own posts. The system automatically memorizes the last 20 users who you have been recently rating. If you give a mark to a person who appears on the last-20 list, the reputation of this person will not be increased.
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