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I. Depletion of non-renewable natural energy resources and world depression 2020-2032.

obrazekThe world came into an age of new technologies. New machines, robots, drugs and chemical compounds. This untrammelled world development was stopped in 2025. The economy of China, India and other highly developed countries consumed enormous quantities of fossil fuels. In 2015, the estimated data about the depletion of non-renewable energy resources like oil, natural gas and hard coal changed from 50 to 20-25 years. This moment is coming, inexorably...

2020-2035 – Europeans build a lot of nuclear power plants. Many countries are preparing for the expected energy crisis.

2025 – Almost all types of fossil fuels are exhausted in China. The same situation happens in India afterwards. The massive import of oil, natural gas and hard coal begins. It was necessary to keep the economic growth.

2025-2032 – The price of a barrel of oil becomes more expensive (from 250$ to 650$). Prices of the other energetic resources and uranium hit highs on the global markets.

2028-2030 – Unbelievable price of a barrel of oil triggers decrease in production in the Chinese factories. Importing goods from China becomes non-profitable. China does not comply with the previously signed contracts. As a matter of fact, a big loan was issued by the international community to the government of the People’s Republic of China for adapting to the system of renewable resources energy system, the sum of over one trillion dollars. While in that year the repayment period has passed, China has not complied with its obligations. The U.S. and the UE imposes embargo on China, because they want to get back the loan. All these events lead to the collapse of the Chinese economy.

2032 – Many factories declare bankruptcy. Limited transport and very expensive electricity cause dismissals and bankruptcy in many facilities. In almost all countries unemployment reaches record level. More and more protests break out on the streets. Time of the Great Chaos has come…

II. The Great Chaos 2032-2039

obrazekAt the beginning of the 21st century, the whole world begins to fight with the risk. The risk with neither the governments nor the macroeconomics could cope. There were many destabilizing factors which reinforced each other. An energetic and economic crisis, different diseases, uproars – In the next decade the world is going to be full of these. Total chaos and destruction has never been closer than now…

2033 – The world’s fossil resources are almost depleted. Ports are blocked by large, empty oil-tankers. Collapse of the automotive industry starts a giant liquidation of the cooperating facilities. Envious people curse the riches because they may still travel by car. Social inequalities cause a public unrest and acts of aggression.

2035 – Frequent interruptions in electricity supply paralyze the flow of information and cause difficulties to some of the still working factories. Performance of the poor electric and energetic infrastructure cannot live up to great requirements. The only choice is atomic power...

obrazek2036 – This year brought a storm of bad news about bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics. Many diseases come to Turkey, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic and move towards the western and northern parts of the continent. Countries weakened by the crisis cannot manage with the epidemic. The fear of being sick as well as the great losses in population discourage a number of workers and cause the lack of employers in business facilities, factories and power plants. Deficiency in the work power triggers paralysis and disasters: explosions and number of radioactive leakage.

2037 – The first French nuclear power plant is closed due to the exhaustion of natural uranium which was overly consumed. Nuclear power plants worked above its maximum level. Uranium runs out and available ores are less and less rich in it.

2038 – People start to produce solar panels on a large scale but their low quality makes their exploitation period very short. Dishonest producers want to cash in on the crisis. The public panic is growing. The crisis hits the highs and causes economic slowdown. Many cities go to rack and ruin because of the lack of resources and manpower. There is nobody who can deal with basic repairs and take care of cleaning up the streets.

obrazek2039 – The largest cities in Europe fight with the rats and fleas plague. Unfortunately, all efforts prove ineffective. More and more people die from diseases that are transmitted by rodents. People cannot take their governments slowness any more. Demonstrations and anarchistic movements pop up like mushrooms after a rain shower. They blame the current situation on immigrants, government leaders and ethnic minorities. The first world civil-war blows up.

III. World civil-war 2039-2042

obrazekFrench blame the exclusion of nuclear power plant on Muslims. The German blame the economic downturn on Turks; The Polish, on the other hand, blame the financial crisis on Jews. Of course all accusations are unfounded. All these things lead up to the civil unrest.

2040 – Almost all nuclear power plants are closed. Only hydro and wind powers work but do not provide enough energy and cannot live up to the great requirement of the economy. Europe indulges into the darkness. The flow of information is stopped as well. TV and internet stop working too.

obrazek2041 - Everyone is talking about a new, terrifying disease called NEUROSTAZA that can transform people into impersonal and passive zombies. A mutant bacterium is affecting the brain and nervous system. It causes the total weakness of will, destroys abstract way of thinking and makes that people can only think about the simplest physiological needs. The scientists have invented four generations of nanobium - a cure for NEUROSTAZA. Only the fourth generation is effective – there is not enough time for a large-scale production. Only a few hundred/thousand doses are being made. Tests on humans, animals and mutated NEUROSTAZA bacteria cause human mutations.

2042 – Shortages of the information flow cause a massive chaos on a worldwide scale. Many countries declare martial law as a way to salvage their internal uncontrolled situations. Civil strikes, combats with the army, skirmishes on evanescent borders of countries became permanent items on the agenda. The strongest take it all including the authority. This kind of situation is an ideal ground for the terrorist acts. New movement called the New Terrorism comes into existence. Its leaders take control in areas where there are no authorities present. People form groups of gangsters that can live beyond the law; they rob, acquire properties and murder - in this way they increase the inefficiency of governments which must fight back terrorists and take down the riots. Gangs are collecting more and more people who are attracted by the high life standards.

The end of 2042 – Poorly secured storage of weapons including dirty bombs, chemical and biological substances get into the hands of citizens who do not even know how terrible the consequences of using those weapons can be. You can guess the effects...

IV. The New Order 2042-?

obrazekThe effect of the first world civil-war was death of 130 million people within three years. Almost completely desolated cities of the old continent turn into the ruins. Outbursts of dirty bombs, leaks from abandoned nuclear power plants and poorly secured radioactive waste poison the world. The pandemic of many diseases infest people, even those who were almost eradicated in 2030. A great starvation era has come and people do not want to fight any more. The world is changing and only the strongest can survive.

2042 – The strongest groups of New Terrorism arise in Ukraine and divide society into two categories: True Slavs and Dirty Ones. People belonging to the first group are joining the ranks of terrorists because they believe that they will drive out alleged perpetrators of the crisis. Orange Star - the strongest faction in eastern europe - takes west Ukraine as its country, near the city of Lviv, called from now New Lviv. They form many work camps for slaves - the biggest one being Bystro.

obrazek2043 – Some say that all these events were written in the Bible, and they herald the coming of Christ - especially in the Catholic Poland - there are many priests who are feeding on the tragedy and faith. One of them, Thaddeus, got into the hearts of people by his great speeches. He creates a new religious movement whose adherents are convinced that they will survive 'world's ending day'. Their headquarters is located in Czestochowa - bastion of the Catholic faith, now called The Crown. This is how a new faction, The Metahuman Society, was made. It keeps together a lot of Polish citizens who seem to be completely loyal to their leader.

obrazek2044 – In Germany, only 30% of the whole population survived. NEUROSTAZA and the other bacterial diseases took their tool. But after the Great Chaos the most technologically advanced city can be found in there. One oligarch, Stross, gathers a team of outstanding minds and well-trained soldiers around him. He buys a few thousand doses of Nanobium and his men become not helpless. Together with his subordinates, he establishes a new brotherhood called The Neues Reich. 'Only work and science will rebuilt the humanity' is their motto. They build their seat, Schwarzenkreuz, on the ruins of Neubrandenburg that was destroyed during the Civil War. Neubrandenburg is the last place where production and industry still work despite many problems such as climate change caused by the weakening of the Gulf Stream. The temperature drops faster than ever - Baltic sea covers with ice and soil turns barren

2045-2050 – These three factions strengthen their position in the world over the next three years. They reinforce their seats, collect new members and develop industry and science. Schwarzenkreuz is especially successful in doing so. Until 2050, all three factions trade with each other and share their discoveries. They fight together with Steep tribes, gangs and travelling nomads.

2051 - In April one accident had happened and caused changes in relationships of these factions. A merchant from Shwarzenkreuz blew up himself in front of everybody in the main square of New Lviv. He killed about 500 natives from the Orange Star organization. Central Committee of TOS finds that the attack was a provocation of the Germanic generals. They decide to respond by force. Army of New Lviv moves hundreds of miles to the west. In Silesia there are Polish camps that stand by The Neues Reich. TOS causes death of approximately 800 supporters of the Germanic well-wishers. One hundred soldiers of TOS die as well. From this moment sabotage and subversions become very common. The cold war comes to reality. The factions persecute each other. Being neutral, the Metahuman Society benefits from this quarrel. Priests have always been enterprising (as modern people say).

2052 – The war is over. Two opponents make a contract called a Quiet Truce in 2052. The government in The Neues Reich has changed, because of the coup d’etat that was made by people who were disaffected from failures of the government. From that moment, foreign policy is directed by a council of the technocrats. Officially the council and TOS declare that war causes only economic stagnation and does not bring any profits. But unofficially there are many fights between the members of each of the groups and violence is still on the agenda. Travelers and merchants must prove that they are trustworthy, otherwise they will achieve nothing.

V. Conclusion

obrazekOver 23 years of the crisis, most of the humans perished. No one exactly knows how many people survived but some estimate that only less than 1% of the world's population. Radioactive leaks from abandoned nuclear power plants, rotting bodies, multiplying pests and rodents, mutants, zombies, diseases and NEUROSTAZA are commonplace. Humanity will be plagued by the consequences of these over the next centuries.

You were born in 2053 and you enter into a new, dangerous world. You have the chance to achieve a lot... or rot in the gutter like a boozer or a simple bandit. All depends on you and on your skills. This world will not tolerate any mistakes. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF NEUROSTAZA!
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